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March 9th, 2018

ACLCP Spring 2018 Conference

High Impact Practices: Conversations About Making a Difference

Red Lion Hotel Harrisburg Hershey, 4751 Lindle Road, Harrisburg, Pa.

Presentations (approximately 15 minutes) and poster sessions requested.

Information on submitting a proposal, along with suggested topics, is available here: https://goo.gl/forms/fB8GNF3JaSNppgUm2

Proposal deadline: February 6, 2018

Questions or comments may be directed to the Programs Committee Chair via e-mail (programs-at-aclcp.org)

Our Spring Conference promises to be a great forum for discussion and many of the suggestions are those you provided at our last meeting. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and passion to offer more to our students.

Musselman-McNairy Exchange

Gettysburg Millersville Group Exchange Photo

Librarians from Gettysburg College traveled to Millersville to discuss how they employ students as peer research mentors and research fellows. Millersville wanted to know more about Gettysburg’s development of a peer learning community and Gettysburg was interested in the training model for Millersville’s Research Fellows. In the weeks before the visit, both groups developed a 10 minute presentation that addressed the other’s key question.  Discussion and brainstorming followed the presentations and both groups left the day with action items.  Read more about this exchange, the agenda and outcomes here.

Consider spending the day with colleagues at another ACLCP library.  Here’s an example of something you can do to provide inexpensive professional development.  Travel and lunch are covered by an ACLCP grant like this one.

­Executive Committee Members


Office Name
Chair (2017-2018) Sarah Penniman, Elizabethtown College
Vice-Chair/Chair Elect (2017-2018) Scott Vine, Franklin and Marshall College
Immediate Past Chair/Parliamentarian (2017-2018) Beth Evitts, Harrisburg Area Community College
Treasurer Nicole Staron, Pennsylvania College of Technology
Secretary Sara Pike, Shippensburg University
Programs Chair Alyce J Gray, Harrisburg Area Community College Gettysburg
Grants Chair (Interim) Sarah Penniman, Elizabethtown College
Networked Resources Eric Delozier­, Penn State Harrisburg
PA Forward Representative (ad hoc) Michelle Foreman, Shippensburg
Administrative Assistant (non-voting) Barb Syvertson, Messiah College

Grant Opportunities

Did you know that permanent staff members of ACLCP institutions can apply for grants that provide financial support for research and publications, presentations, program design, and continuing education?

For more information, see the new ACLCP Grant Opportunities Web page.

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Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

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