Policy 001


ACLCP Policy Statement 0001
Lending, Fines, and Lost Book Payments

Section 1:

A member of a college / university community, who is currently registered or employed at an ACLCP member school, may borrow materials from another ACLCP member library. The person must present a current and valid school identification card in order to receive this privilege.

Section 2:

If a patron with ACLCP reciprocal borrowing privileges returns materials late to the lending library, he/she may be charged for fines, according to that library's regulations. The borrower's member library is not responsible for fine payments.

Section 3:

If a patron with ACLCP reciprocal borrowing privileges loses, damages, or does not return a book, he/she is to be billed according to the lending library's regulations. Final billing is to be sent to the borrower's member library. The borrower's member library will pay the fee as charged by the lending library. It is then the responsibility of the borrower's member library to pursue payment from the borrower, according to that school's regulations.

Adopted by ACLCP, Spring, 1995
Confirmed by ACLCP Executive Committee, Fall 1998