Policy 006


ACLCP Policy Statement 0006
Guidelines for Vendor Proposals to ACLCP

Section 1:

  1. Typically ACLCP does not purchase services from vendors as a consortium. Rather, ACLCP entertains and makes know to member institutions proposals initiated by vendors, ACLCP committees, institutional members, or individual members which the Executive Committee views as of value to the consortium.
  2. ACLCP does not provide billing or invoicing services for services purchased by ACLCP institutional members.
  3. At the request of member institutions, the ACLCP Executive Committee will entertain and review proposals twice a year (once every spring and fall semester). Please check the current schedule of meetings to see when the committee meets.

Section 2: Proposal to ACLCP Should Include:

  1. Contact Information:
    • Vendor Name, Address and URL
    • Name of Vendor Agent/Representative including telephone, fax and e-mail
    • Name of Contact person for technical support (who should be aware of the proposal) including telephone, fax and e-mail.
  2. Information about the Product or Service:
    • Please describe the product or service and how it would be of value to either individual or institutional members.
    • Purchase or License agreement?
    • In particular, include information concerning:
      • If electronic, can the product/service be restricted by IP number and/or IP range?
      • If electronic, can the product utilize a patron ID system such as a barcode to gain access outside a given set of IP numbers?
      • Frequency of updates/supplements.
    • Is there a listserv for this product or service? If so, what is the address? Are discussions archived, if so, where?
  3. Pricing Information:
    • Please include a pricing model that would accommodate various levels of institutional participation (or individual if applicable) and what measure is being used (Institution vs ETC, etc.) to determine those levels.
  4. References:
    • Institutions or individuals currently using the product or service (include address, phone, fax or email of the contact person).
    • Institutions considering use of the product or service
  5. Deadline for acceptance of the proposal.

Adopted by ACLCP Executive Committee, Fall 1998