Policy 007


ACLCP Policy Statement 007
Shadowing and Peer to Peer Site Visitations

Section 1: Purpose
  1. ACLCP recognizes the importance of information sharing and learning best practices from colleagues at other ACLCP libraries.
  2. The ACLCP Governing Board has established travel grants to allow for day visits for individuals or groups to visit their ACLCP peers. Grants will cover transportation and cost of a group meal when applicable. 
  3. The maximum amount of funding available for this grant program in any given year is $2000. There is no limit to the number of awards made per institution.

Section 2: Criteria
  1. The applicant must be an employee of an ACLCP member institution and submit an application outlining the purpose of the visitation.
  2. The application must include the endorsement of the applicant's library director
  3. Grants may be used for individual visitation or for a group of employees. 
  4. Students and interns may accompany staff on visitations. 
  5. Grants are only awarded for future activities; no retroactive grants will be considered.
  6. Those who have received one or more travel grant in any given year may have a lower priority in the current funding year.

Section 3: Application Process
  1. Applications for grants must be submitted to the Chair of the grants committee no later than 14 days before the expected travel.
  2. The grants chair may approve the request  but must share this information with the Executive Committee by email and/or at its regularly scheduled meetings.
  3. The grants chair will make every effort to respond to applicants in a timely fashion.
  4. The Executive Committee Secretary will maintain the records of all awards for four years.

Section 4: Post Award
  1. The grant recipient should fill out the ACLCP reimbursement form for either mileage or car rental and submit it to the ACLCP treasurer. 
  2. The grant recipient should send the grants chair and committee two or more photos that can be used on the ACLCP website along with a brief description of the shadowing/site visit experience.
  3. The hosting institution should send receipt for lunch to ACLCP treasurer for reimbursement and include number of individuals. This request should not exceed $15 per person.

Application:  Shadowing and Peer to Peer Site Visitation Grants